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Moravia and Silesia

Not far from Brno, a peaceful eastern part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Czech: Českomoravská vrchovina) does not seem to be connected with an exciting story. But you shouldn’t believe it! Take the canyon paths of the Oslava and Jihlava rivers and head for the largest deposit of mysterious Moravian moldavites (Czech: vltavín). Their genealogy started upon the fall of a huge asteroid 14 million years ago.

71 km | 8 hours | Active, Adrenaline

expedition to explore Moravian semi-precious stones

Route description:

„You will be welcomed by a picturesque and deserted landscape. It is dominated by the cooling towers of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, which are easy to see from a great distance, but you will say goodbye to them soon. Then you will only see the fascinating deep valleys of a lazily meandering river cut into the landscape of fields, meadows and small villages. However, it is not easy biking. You must cross deep canyons, go down steep slopes and ford the river several times. Start in Oslavany, a town renowned for its history of mining black coal. However, as unbelievable as it may seem, the story started fourteen million years ago. At that time a huge asteroid with a diameter of one kilometre fell in the territory of today’s Bavaria. The gigantic impact melted rocks and spewed them out into the atmosphere, where they cooled and took the form of fragments of green glass having the shape of a drop. Those semi-precious stones rained hundreds of kilometres across our territory. They received their name according to the place they were first found, by the Vltava River, but they gradually started to appear in other places. Although Bohemian moldavites are green, the Moravian ones are brownish. Another mystery is the fact that the impact crater has an almost perfect circle shape, which does not correspond with the theory of a sharp angle of the meteorite impact. Ardent discussions have also mentioned a theory of aliens or the legend of the Holy Grail. The trail that runs along the Oslava River is very demanding, but offers a reward in the form of a section between Doubravka, Vodanský Hill and Little Rock (Czech: Malá skála). At this place you will have a beautiful view of the valley with the silhouettes of Ketkovský Mill and the Levnov Castle ruins. Among the biggest deposits of moldavites is a sand quarry by Slavětice, which is searched through by crowds of pickers after every rain. Although you won’t probably be lucky enough to find this precious stone, the experience of the surrounding landscape that is filled with special peace will compensate for that disappointment.“


Většinu trasy sice strávíte v doprovodu turistického značení, ale čas od času budete používat i cesty neznačené, takže mapu s sebou určitě. GPS bude výhodou.

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Mountain Biking

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Active , Adrenaline

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Moravia and Silesia

71 km | 8 hours
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