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East Bohemia

This section of the Divoká Orlice from Kostelec to its confluence with the Tichá Orlice, or also further to Týniště nad Orlicí, offers an especially comfortable ride in a place which is also attractive to tourists in terms of its landscape.

15.6 km | 5 hours | Active

Around châteaus to the confluence

Route description:

It is the only unregulated section of the Divoká Orlice that is passable all year round. This means that we can take quite a carefree ride in a section delimited by two impassable weirs. On our way we will only traverse a few undemanding steps. The original river bed meanders between meadows and creates a variety of arms and nooks. The banks are covered with bushes, yet during your trip you will see more and more sandy beaches that look like a perfect place for bathing. We start our trip behind a big weir at the edge of Kostelec nad Orlicí. This place offers ideal facilities for paddlers as there is a swimming pool, a camp and a boat rental in its vicinity. In the wide riverbed we turn the boat towards the middle and sail through the town. On the right bank we can see a park among trees, inside which is the New Château (Czech: Nový zámek) open to the public. Another possible stop is Častolovice, where there is another originally Renaissance château with a large garden, however, it is about one kilometre away from the river. The river continues meandering through the countryside, which is largely free of woods and where we can see herds of grazing cattle. We sail through the confluence with the Tichá Orlice and slowly approach the recommended end of the trip, which is situated in front of the impassable weir in Albrechtice. Approach the weir carefully and do not underestimate potential risks! We get off on the left bank, where it is also possible to arrive by car. Those who want to continue on can carry the boat over the weir on the right bank and continue up to the paddlers’ base called Rampa sport by Týniště nad Orlicí.


Kostelec nad Orlicí - Častolovice - Albrechtice nad Orlicí


ZW difficulty – flat water to slowly moving water

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Kostelec nad Orlicí

17° Air humidity: 82%
Cloudiness: 11%
Wind: (E) 10km/h
few clouds
Wednesday 22° 16°
Thursday 23° 17°
Friday 23° 19°
Saturday 21° 16°
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East Bohemia

15.6 km | 5 hours
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